If you want to make lasting change, experience personal transformation, get support.  Don’t try to figure it all out on your own.  Don’t ask for support from someone who will try to control your process.  Coaching is a powerful tool to help build accountability and address the barriers to making progress toward a specific goal. My coaching framework is supportive and focuses on removing barriers and creating short term measurable goals while building confidence, worth, and esteem.  My model focuses on creating healthy balance for clients and builds a foundation to being successful in all areas of your life.



GREAT LIFE coaching focuses on the areas of your life that are separating you from achieving your greatest potential and keeps you stuck in loneliness, depression, sadness, or an overall lack of fulfillment.  GREAT LIFE coaching helps to support you in developing a daily routine that supports integrating your purpose into life and developing LOVE, INSPIRATION, FORGIVENESS, and ENJOYMENT.


It’s hard to love your life if you hate the person you seen in the mirror.  I’ve suffered with my weight my whole life.  I hated the man I saw in the mirror.  It wasn’t until I lost the weight “off my shoulders” that I was able to loose the weight off my stomach (most of it at least).  I don’t tell you how to change, rather I hold you accountable to getting the results you want.  We all know how to diet, we know how to exercise, but we don’t know why we are unable to maintain long term health.  Coaching will help you stay the course to long term health for your mind and body.


Career Transition coaching is meant to help the individual transition into an new career.  If you’ve been laid off or just looking for a new opportunity in or out of your current employer.  We offer resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching, and most important we help support you through the scary, frustrating, often demoralizing process of navigating the job market.  Your career transition should be exciting and move you toward greater fulfillment in your career.


Cultivate the skills to take on the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  It’s not easy, but if you are not able to find an organization of career that makes you feel appreciated, offers challenge, growth, financial stability, and most important the opportunity to be a part of a mission that serves others than it might be time to build the career opportunity that offers that.  Create a plan and understand where you are in your business growth strategy and how you can take your company to the next level and proactively anticipate opportunities for business development and growth.



GREAT Leaders coaching is developed for professionals moving into leadership roles, or for the experienced leadership and management including C-level executives.  Coaching works in conjunction with consulting to support an overall strategy of transforming the organizations culture.  The GREAT Leaders framework overall goal is to align the leadership with the goals of the organization.  Leadership coaching topics include:

GREAT Leaders

GREAT LEADERS is coaching is for professionals at all levels of their career who seek to develop the leadership skills to transform their department or corporate culture to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and continuous development.  GREAT Leaders cultivate work-life alignment.  They integrate their passion and values into their organization and foster GREAT leadership skills in others for greater performance, profitability, and fulfillment.

Change Support Coaching

Change support coaching focuses on dealing with change at the front line. This is coaching offered to all associates affected most by the change process. This coaching is offered with a training seminar to enhance training and ensure associates are using the tools offered in the course. This process helps to mitigate the negative affects of job insecurity on employee   outcomes like employee motivation, commitment to change, and to help manage stress associated with the difficulties of change. We define job insecurity as both perception of possible job loss and as the perception of significant change to specific job features. We provide an outlet to vent frustrations and concerns but most important we document these concerns (anonymously) and provide objective data to assist in the development of corporate communications to deal with rumors that can have a negative impact on the organization.

Managing Traumatic Change

Leading traumatic/transformational change focuses on supporting leadership responsible for implementing change. We support the development of leadership skills that increase the likelihood of making change sustainable while mitigating the risk associated with change fatigue and resistance to change.  Often, we serve to support leadership in dealing with their own stress about   change to ensure that they are not creating undue pressure on their staff. This approach enables the development of trust and can enhance commitment to change.   Focused effort to support all leaders during organizational change can increase the likelihood of the long term development of culture of leadership that embraces change.

Personal Goals Coach

Personal Goals Coaching is personal coaching for your employees to create their own goals (personal and professional) with the support of a professional.  Personal Goals Coaching focuses on creating work place balance and encourages employees to optimize their time away from work so when they return to work they are focused and energized.


We offer customized training on a variety of topics.  All training is facilitated to elicit participation from group members to make leaning more practical and less theoretical. Group training in designed to ensure participants apply real time solutions to issues facing the industry, organization, or department. Large group training seminars can be developed and co-facilitated with organizational leadership.  Our training and development courses include:

Transformation & Performance

Most change management theorist do not differentiate between the concepts of change and transformation.  Most use it interchangeably.  The difference, in my studies, are based on the experience of those effected most by the change.  By training leaders in understanding change and transformation and it’s impact on performance psychology, leaders are better able to identify and address resistance to change and create strategies to develop a culture that supports employees through the change process.

Managing Traumatic Change

In 1996 John Kotter wrote on the process of leading change in a 8-step model. This model was developed for change at the organizational level, but this course extends this model to address change at level of interpersonal relationships and self awareness. Leading change is not just the process of changing an organization, but changing with the organization. This course focuses on giving employees a strategy for personal development that is in alignment with the changing organization

GREAT Leaders Training

GREAT Leaders Training is customized for the audience and adapted to fit the culture or the organization and context that is applicable to the organizations growth strategy (start-up, growth, reorganization, sustained performance, or turnaround).  GREAT Leaders Training focuses on developing leadership capabilities by offering simple behavior strategies used to elicit higher performance from associates and improve the organizations culture.


Consulting focuses on building a culture of leadership through the implementation of structure that supports change, organizational development initiatives, and enhances performance. The goal of a Culture of Leadership is to support individuals to take initiative to build high performing culture that supports the goals of the organization.  Our goal is to create a culture that grows all it’s people to step into a leadership roles. Our approach to creating a Culture of Leadership include:

Assessments & Diagnostics

All organizational change, including change that seeks to change the organizations culture begins with an honest assessment of current employee and customer perceptions. We utilize assessments and diagnostics to measure number of organizational characteristics to crate a strategic development plan. Our assessments include: Change Readiness surveys, 360 evaluations, climate and culture surveys, and  employee opinion surveys such as employee satisfaction surveys, etc.

Communities of Practice

Implementing Communities of Practice is an effective method organizations have used to build a learning organization. The CoP is bottom up learning model focused on the development, documentation, and dissemination of best practices. These communities bring together employees at all level to  address training needs, share best practices, challenge operational procedures in an effort to continuously drive efficiency through bottom up leadership.

Change Support Center

The  Change Support Center is a business unit focused on supporting all employees  experiencing change. The CSC manages all relevant information and provides a  resource for all employees to get accurate information regarding change, as  well as support and resources relevant to training & development. When  properly implemented the CSC eliminates confusion and the spread of  misinformation regarding change and mitigates the risk of employee outcomes  normally associated with organizational change (i.e. resistance to change). The integration of an onsite center can greatly increase employees perception that the organization is doing all it can to support staff members. Studies show that perceived organizational support can greatly reduce resistance to change and lead to increased success of change implementation.

GREAT Youth Workshop for Schools and Non Profits

GREAT Youth Workshop

We offer workshops on the GREAT LIFE and focus on building self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.  Our workshop is highly interactive and gently walks young people through the process of looking at their fears to take the steps to overcome them, and live a life headed toward a fulfilling vision.

GREAT Coach Teacher Training

We offer training and coaching to teachers, counselors, or any group of professionals that engage with children.  We offer a simple pragmatic model for coaching young people and encouraging their performance in school or in any goal they might have.

Albert Castanon, Ph.D.

Albert Castanon, Ph.D.

GREAT LIFE & Leadership Coach

"Dr. Albert" holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the Marshal Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University. His dissertation titled Managing Traumatic Change views the role of leadership in helping rebuild organizations through change that involves layoffs and downsize. Much of Albert’s expertise in change management and leadership are the foundation for managing personal transformation.

Albert received his formal training as a coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). While the CTI method for coaching is world renowned, Albert blends his personal experience and education in his coaching process to supporting his clients through their most challenging problems.

Albert is a former training and development manager and consultant. He has coached and consulted numerous clients from all walks of life and a variety of industries.

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