Welcome To My Vision of a GREAT LIFE

Welcome to my site GREAT LIFE Daily.  When I was at my lowest point in my life I desperately wanted to change but I was unable to take action.  In my attempt to figure it out myself I bought self-help books, and programs.  I would sit on my couch and stare at my bookshelf of books and CD’s of all the top self-help gurus.  I knew if I could just listen to the CD program that promised I could change my life, than I could get better.  I couldn’t.

In my graduate studies I learned that companies knew how to manage change but they failed at inspiring people to change.  In my personal studies I learned that people are inspired to change but many fail to manage the process.  My work bridges the gap between inspiration to change and managing the process.  By creating a language that outlines how we can change on a personal level, my work teaches people how to inspire and support others to do the same.  It is my vision, my life’s work, to support people to get the LIFE they dream of.  I hope to serve as inspiration to others in believing that the GREAT LIFE is possible and that you are deserving of Love, Inspiration, Forgiveness, and Enjoyment.

I wish you a truly GREAT LIFE,

Albert Castanon, Ph.D.

My Story Before The GREAT LIFE (Part of it…)

My name is Dr. Albert Castanon, I am dedicated to living a GREAT LIFE.  I started this site with the intention of starting and ending each day committed to building a life I could one day look back on with no regret, having loved with all my heart and having joy and fulfillment.

I’m 39 years  old, single, and living a life that I truly love. But my life hasn’t always been  so good. I’ve had a great professional career, experience, and education. I was  young, successful but despite my accomplishments I was miserable. I had the  appearance that everything was wonderful, but the reality was I hated my life.  I thought the more money I made, the more things I bought would make me happy.  It didn’t. I knew that I was smart enough and I could figure a way out of my slump. I read a  lot of self-help books, worked programs, attended seminars, tried therapists, but  nothing worked. My life became progressively worse.

I worked as a training and development  manager and consultant. Some of the work I’ve done included  delivering courses on stress management which I encouraged constant self-care. I even coached professionals in their  career and often delved into their personal life. I never failed to help  someone improve their life. While I could help others, I could do nothing to  help myself. I felt like a fraud and was ashamed to preach what I was incapable of practicing.

I began to sabotage everything good in  my life. I sabotaged job opportunities, relationships, and my physical and  mental health rapidly deteriorated. I became a shut-in. I rarely left my home. I  began to push away friends and family till the phone stopped ringing and I was  truly alone. My only communication was with the pizza delivery guy, and drive-through  attendants at several fast food places. I used food to numb my loneliness and ease my pain.  I grew to around 350 pounds and I lost everything I had, including  my will to live.

In September 2007 I had reached my  breaking point. I decided that I could not continue to live my life the way I  had been. I gave up all hope and planned to take my own life; end my own suffering.

I had thoughts of  suicide for years. I prayed for the courage to take my own life and one day hit my breaking point.  I made plans to go to Las Vegas, lock myself  in a hotel room and end my life. That week, I said my goodbye’s to family and  headed to Arizona to spend my last weekend with my friend.

During my visit I  received a phone call. Just two nights before heading to Las  Vegas, my brother called me. I don’t remember the exact conversation. The first  words out of his mouth were “I asked Adrian to marry me, she said yes. Will you  be my best man?” After a moment of silence, I said yes.

I cried that night. I didn’t want to  live. The thought of going on was so painful. I knew I couldn’t go through with  my plans just two days after my brother asked me to be his  best man. I had to come home. I had to find a way to get better…

It was, and still is, a long road to  repairing the damage I did to my life. In my process of rebuilding, I  discovered the secret to transformation. I had figured out what no program,  book, therapist, self-help guru could ever teach me…  I learned to live my life one GREAT day at a time and now I’m looking back and ahead to a truly GREAT LIFE.

It is my vision to help those that are  struggling to truly love  their life. You were meant to live a life of love, inspiration, forgiveness, and enjoyment.  You can have peace, abundance, and serenity. Do you want to live a GREAT LIFE?  I know you might be skeptical, so was I.  If you tried everything else and are tired of struggling, you are not alone. I understand because I’ve been there.  Don’t give up  hope. You can live a truly GREAT LIFE daily! I would love to help.  Please read my blog and forward it to friends and family you think might need this.  Help be a part of my vision to share the GREAT LIFE with as many people as possible.


Albert Castanon, Ph.D.

Albert Castanon, Ph.D.

GREAT LIFE & Leadership Coach & Consultant

"Dr. Albert" holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the Marshal Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University. His dissertation titled Managing Traumatic Change views the role of leadership in helping rebuild organizations through change that involves layoffs and downsize. Much of Albert’s expertise in change management and leadership are the foundation for managing personal transformation.

Albert received his formal training as a coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). While the CTI method for coaching is world renowned, Albert blends his personal experience and education in his coaching process to supporting his clients through their most challenging problems.

Albert is a former training and development manager and consultant. He has coached and consulted numerous clients from all walks of life and a variety of industries.