We Choose The LIFE We Live

“Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” – Wayne Dyer

The most important key to a GREAT life, in my opinion, is the ability to choose the world we want to live in.  Do I want to live in a hostel world, or do I choose to live in a loving world?

I believe the choice is simple but not easy.  I choose to live in a loving world but I struggle in practice.  In practice living in a loving world means offering and receiving love.  I fear loving, I fear being loved, I fear loosing love.  I fear connection to what I believe can be lost or taken away.  Perhaps having the experience of living in a hostile world for most of my life, I’ve become use to it.  A hostile world is predictable.  One thing you can count on is loss, disappointment, and pain.  So in a hostile world you disconnect.  You never want or love anything or anyone so much that you never experience loss.  A loving world is unpredictable and therefore can be very scary.  Still I choose to live my life today in a loving world.

How do I make the choice to live in a loving world?  Daily I commit my life to it.  I struggle and I accept that while I choose a loving world, fear draws me toward the predictability of isolation, disconnection, and loneliness.  Today, I commit myself to love, connection, and fellowship even when my every instinct is to protect myself from the fear of loss.  I am open to love and accept and offer love knowing that it is not always retuned or appreciated and sometimes it is taken away.

The GREAT life is lived in a loving world.  This is not an option.  If I want to live the GREAT life then I must be committed to living in a loving world.  The GREAT life is not easy.  Living in a loving world it not easy.  I risk, I feel rejection, loss, disappointment and at the end of the day I am thankful!  I feel blessed and look forward to another day choosing the world I live in.