Welcome to the GREAT Life Daily!

Every blog has it’s first day, and this is mine! I imaging most blogs start out with no readers or followers. I guess I’m thinking to myself, “what am I doing? Nobody is ever going to read this”… “who cares about what you have to say”… etc.  My negative thinking is strong! As strong as could be without being diagnosed with some serious mental problem!  I believe we all have these thoughts.  We all have things we want to do. We all have hopes and dreams… we all think of some life we wish we could be living, but our thoughts tell us “I can’t do that,” “I’m just wasting time and money,” or worst of all our thoughts tell us “I don’t deserve that.”  I’ve spent my life fighting these thoughts and ultimately learned to overcome them.  But overcoming the thoughts is only part of the equation.

I’ve spent my life obsessed with learning about people.  I have a BA in Psychology and went on to get a M.S. and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.  Organizational Psychology is the study of psychology in business.  I studied leadership, workplace motivation and morale, and my primary focus was on how companies inspired people to change.  In my professional studies I learned that companies are great at managing change but are lousy at inspiring people to change.  In my personal experience, I meet people inspired to change but don’t know how to manage the process.  I’ve developed frameworks and theories that bridge the gap between managing change while staying inspired and motivated to do the work.  As a coach and consultant I’ve helped lots of people make long lasting change to improve their life. Most important, I’ve learned a process that helped me change my life.

In blogs to come I will be sharing my experience and expertise to inspire you to living what I refer to as the GREAT life.  Please read more about me on the about page and feel free to email me your story or any questions you might have.  Thank you for reading and hope today will be another GREAT day toward a GREAT life!