The Edge Of A Cliff

“If you’re standing on the edge of a cliff a step forward is not a good thing.” Anonymous

The picture you see is of my feet taken some years ago at the Grand Canyon.  Just over five years ago when I started my journey to rebuild my life, I took the trip to visit, for me what I think of as, the whole I was in.  I sat and meditated and focused on my feet.  It’s easy for me to worry about the past or the future but I heard a friend say, that when she went on vacation she always took a picture of her feet to remind her of where she was and to stay present to “where my feet are.”  It makes me think of how important it is to always know where my feet are.

When I was new to recovery, I noticed a lot of old timers talk about how to work  program and sometimes I heard advice being thrown around.  Thankfully, nobody ever told me what to do or pushed me into something I wasn’t ready to do for myself.  When I finally got help for all my problems, I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and didn’t need anyone to push me over the edge.

When working with clients or with other addicts in recovery it is important for me to always be gentle in my approach.  When people come to a decision to change there life they sometimes look for the most extreme direction to get the fastest results.  I relate it to all the weight-loss and workout programs that promise transformation almost over night (i.e. P90x promises results in 90 days and Insanity promises results in 60!).  The quick fix is a solution to very few people.  With every disappointment we get closer to the edge, believing we won’t ever be able to change. Take note of where your feet are and focus on the direction you choose to step next.

My transformation has taken years!  One day at a time I focus on one foot in front of the other always taking a step toward a GREAT LIFE.  In five years I’m looking over the hole I was in… I’m grateful that the journey has been slow and every step of the way was my choice to move in the direction that’s gotten me here.