Daily Inspiration

I’d like to share some strategies I use to inspire myself into daily action.  Take these examples as a starting off point to building your own library of inspiring resources.  The following are a few of the most inspiring words from people who have helped me transforming my life.  I hope you enjoy!

Inspirational Video

I am obsessed with YouTube.  It is the leading search engine beating out Google.  If I want to learn anything new I YouTube it.  I’ve found hundreds of videos that helped to inspire me over the years.  The following are some of my favorite speakers.  Make this a part of your daily schedule, if you haven’t already, and you will be amazed by the emotional shift you have in becoming more inspiring to others.

Funny & Cute Video

Cultivating the healing power of laughter.  It is well known that laughter helps to release endorphins which in turn help to relieve stress, reduce pain, and strengthens the immune system.  In addition laughter helps us through difficult times, allowing us to take our problems less series and reduces fear.  When I was struggling through depression, I had a nightly ritual of combing YouTube videos till I came across a video that made me laugh hard enough to make my belly shake.  The practice helped me sleep better and I’d wake up feeling more rested.  Here are a few of my favorites as well as a couple new one’s. Clearly, kids make me laugh!


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