GREAT LIFE isn’t always so great.

“I never said it would be easy.  I said it would be worth it.” – Anonymous

GREAT LIFE isn’t always so great.  Trust me I know… I get it.  It’s hard to get up some mornings and get myself to commit.  Some days I want to check out and watch a Netflix all day.  I’ve had a few of those days recently.  It’s done… It’s past.  All that matters is what I do today.

It’s 4:00 and I’m sitting in a Starbucks.  Old thinking is: the days almost over… hell, just relax and start again tomorrow.  But there is no tomorrow.  I don’t live my life like that anymore.  Start tomorrow means today is a day to let my negative thoughts wander; a day not spent headed toward my hopes and dreams; a day to not follow my bliss.  Start tomorrow assumes I have lots of time. I don’t have the luxury of time.  Right now I need to decide on working toward the life I want or surrendering to the way it is… I can’t do that…

So I’m a little stuck today… what do I do when I get stuck; Focus on having a GREAT day:

Gratitude:  I’m grateful for my life; my parents who love me; my health; a roof over my head and food; friends I can call; a car that works; support groups filled with people who care about me… I’m grateful for so much!

Recognize Negativity:  I’m in fear today.  I’m in financial insecurity. While I know I can make money, and that I have money to take care of my needs, I’m not making a living following my bliss. I’m not making a living the way a grown man should… Starting a business is not easy.  I’m afraid I may fail and there is no safety net.  I know my parents are there for me but that’s not an option.  They’ve done so much for me I can’t ask for any more help.  I don’t want to hit bottom.  I’m sick, physically sick of the online application process to fining work.  I’m sick that I’m forced to apply to jobs that I don’t really want.  BUT REALLY, WHO CAN’T RELATE?  Yes it’s ture that I not a success today, but it won’t always be like this. IT WON’T ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS!!!  Yes it’s true that I may fail, that doesn’t mean I’m a failure.  Yes, it’s true, I haven’t given my best effort at marketing myself and my business.  All that can change right now.  I’m not a failure, but I’m feeling the pains of a start up company.  I am smart, talented, and have a GREAT vision for my life and the life of those I work with.  Who am I to not be GREAT?  Who am I to deny God’s gifts to me and those around me?  I am a child of God.  I am an amazing man (as one of my coaching clients said this week).  I am better than I’ve ever been and only getting better…

Excitement: A year from now I’ll be on my feet.  I will work hard every day to align myself with my bliss and follow that path.  I will help to transform thousands of peoples lives!  I will be able to manifest my wildest dreams.  I will be living the life I was always meant to live.

Action: FILL YOUR CALENDER WITH NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES…. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPERATE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE NEED YOU.  Call someone and ask for help.  Get to work.  Use part of the day to focus on applying to jobs, and a small part of the day focused on earning enough to finance your dream.  Pray and meditate and follow your heart and intuition.  Set a plan of action based on peace of mind not thoughts of fear.

Thanks:  I’m thankful for a friend who called today to share some good news.  I’m thankful for another friend who is experiencing success beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m thankful that I’m still very happy for those I care for when they are doing well and that I haven’t grown jealous or bitter at their success. I’m thankful for my friend Greg for reminding me there is always another perspective.  I’m thankful for parents who care enough to be willing to do anything to help me.  I’m thankful I’m taking responsibility for my life and I chose to live the GREAT LIFE today and not put off till tomorrow. I’m thankful I have the opportunity to share this with all those who read this and know that just because I write about the GREAT LIFE doesn’t make it easy to live.

My life is great.  It’s so easy to forget. I had a hard hit financially.  It’s funny how fear of finances is so crippling.  I have some money, and thankfully I have means of earning and people who love me to help me through.  I’m just ready for more.  I’m ready to grow.  I’m ready to take care of myself.  I’m ready to build a business that helps others.  I’m ready for all that comes with this life.  I guess I need to accept the hard part… I need to ask for more help.  I need to push through the discomfort and know this too shall pass.  I’ve done my job and God will take care of the rest. Focus on today being all it can be… Remember a bad day doesn’t mean its a bad life, but a GREAT day one day at a time is the recipe for a GREAT LIFE.

We Are Alone Until We Make Ourselves Known

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I think I’ve always felt this sense of loneliness.  I felt invisible or worse, I stuck out like a sore thumb… I never felt like I belonged. It’s a tough thing to feel so lonely… I never found a place or people that I truly connected to.  I’ve come close.  I’ve come across people in my life that have made me feel understood… not alone.  I’ve come across people who have played a huge part in saving my life and at times keep me company in my loneliness.  This is the toughest hurdle in transforming my life.  The urge to isolate, the fear of connecting with others is the story I most desire to change.  You can’t change a story without telling what it is and here is mine (part of it anyway…).

As a kid I loved the TV show The Incredible Hulk.  A lonely guy, David Banner, wandered from town to town and he’d meet people he felt close to.  Then something would happen and David would explode.  People he cared for would see the real him and in his shame he would leave town.  The end credits was the saddest part for me.  The closing scene during the end credits would show him hitchhiking and walking down the dirt side of the road.  A song played that made me empathize with him.  It was the loneliest song I ever heard and it made me sad because I knew that feeling of loneliness.  I once had a phone that played that song as the ringtone.  When my phone rang it made me feel so lonely!  I couldn’t see, someone was calling, someone who cared!  But the feeling of loneliness caused me to isolate and even when I wanted, I couldn’t pick up the phone.  I just seemed to always connect to the loneliness.

Somehow, in my mind, I began to equate the loneliness with the thought that I was unloved and unlovable.  I was shy and introverted and the thought of being unlovable fueled my isolation.  In fact I became so good at isolating I could do it in a crowd!

Like I said, this is just part of the story.  I assure you I have known a depth of loneliness that caused my pain and suffering.  I was convinced I was unlovable and I surrendered to the idea that I would always be alone.  This is the oldest most damaging part of my story and I’m telling a new story.  I am not alone when I allow myself to be known.

The key to ending loneliness is to allow yourself to be seen.  To be vulnerable…  For me, sometimes the most vulnerable step to ending loneliness is saying “hello, my name is Albert.”  Over the years I’ve learned to connect with people by being willing to be vulnerable.  I learned to be interested.  I’ve made myself known as someone who is a good listener, kind, compassionate… lovable.  I’ve learned to be lovable by learning to love others.

To most of you this blog topic may seem a bit elementary.  Ask yourself, when you feel lonely are you quick to say hello?  Do you offer an ear or a shoulder… do you allow yourself to be seen?




GREAT Day leads to a GREAT LIFE

 “Every day should pass as if it were to be our last.” – Publilius Syrus

My Commitment to living a GREAT LIFE starts with living a GREAT day every day.  I thought I’d share with you the writing I did today as I follow the GREAT day framework.  This is the short version I do when getting present for the day.

Gratitude: I am grateful for my life. I’m so grateful for the willingness to take responsibility to getting the life I want. I’m grateful that I have an education and that I’m talented and gifted in the work that I do.  I’m grateful for the clients that I have and the hundreds of people that I’ve been blessed to help. I’m grateful for the willingness to be seen.

Recognize Negativity:  I struggle with the fear that I will not be able to make ends meet if I don’t pick up business.  The negative thought is, I’m a financial failure.  I know that the thought is not true.  It is true that financially I need to earn more, and I will.  My financial situation is temporary.  Financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally I am taken care of.  For today, that thought will not stop me.  I am financially responsible and I’m willing and doing whatever it takes to build my practice.

Excitement: I am living a GREAT LIFE.  A year from now I will be stronger, healthier, and happier moving toward the vision of my LIFE.  In time I will build my client list or find a job because I’m more willing than I’ve ever been to take responsibility for my life.  I love the man I’m becoming.

Action: It’s late in the day, and I’ve done a lot so far.  I spoke to clients and friends and have been of service to people struggling.  Later I will write a blog to post in the morning.  I will go to a meeting and get connected to where I was and where I know my life is headed.  I will go to my Mastering Relationships class with Mastin Kipp (Coach & Founder of

Thanks:  I’m thankful for my clean meals and my workout.  I’m thankful for my air mattress that manages to hold most of its air as I sleep through the night. I’m thankful for the phone calls I had today. For friends like Greg and Olivia… I’m thankful for my beautiful office. I’m thankful for my meetings. I’m thankful that I wasn’t alone. I’m thankful for the courage to show up and be open to learning about love at the workshop with Mastin Kipp.  God I’m thankful for the abundance and love and GREAT LIFE you have waiting for me.